Investment Trust means to channel financing resources to invest various projects and activities that meet certain eligibility criteria. HAOTRUST offers a broad range of solutions to meet customers' investment needs.We manage the Trust under investment strategies set out in the Trust Deed to invest in various asset classes such as Real Estate, Infrastructure, Securities – Stock/Bond either in local or international market, and Private Equity.

Private Equity Investment Trust are simply defined as entrusted fund that invest primarily or exclusively in any type of equity into unlisted or private companies. These provide investors with a diversified portfolio and access to funds which otherwise might not have had access. At the end of term, investors make a capital gains and profit from investments through Initial Public Offering (IPOs), Backdoor Listing, Over the Counter (OTC), shares buyback, etc.

HAOTRUST has extensive experience representing investors in private equity fund with abundant accomplishment. Come and visit us for your greatest success and growth.

In general, investors can access private equity into two ways. These includes:


As part of private equity investment, Venture Capital could provide a diversify investment in startups and earlier stage companies that have strong growth potential. Some consider this investment has a higher risk-reward ratio than the other types of private equity investments because the companies haven’t yet built up a performance track record and haven’t nearly as closely followed or transparent as publicly listed companies that are extensively analysed, and explicitly performance to all; thus, there are more opportunities available.


Pre-IPO Companies – also known as Growth Capital – involves investing in established companies with proven business models and financial track records which are looking to accelerate growth by expanding operations, entering new markets, or acquiring another company. These are predominantly related to the business’s management and the execution of the growth strategy. Investors stand to benefit for potential growth, downside protection, minimal debts, and moderate risk as it involves investment that have attractive growth prospects.


  • Stake ownerships
  • Increased Returns
  • Access to High-Quality Deals
  • Active Management
  • Flexibility to invest in wide range of industries
  • Exit Opportunities
  • Diversification
Our services

  • Investment Management & Registration
  • Investment proceeds management including tax obligation
  • Ownership requirements (if any)