Real Estate Trust means an owner of a real estate puts a faith and entrusts the properties to trust company for his/her sustainable investment.

HAOTRUST is specialized in real estate development, real property management and investment. We develop and manages the entrusted property efficiently and distributes all the profits to the property owners.  Most of our employees are the experts with many years of working experiences in each field of the real estate business. Come and visit us. You can meet the experts with hands-on experience in each field of feasibility study, marketing, development, sales, and management.

HAOTRUST provide solutions to any real estate related issues including:

  • Real Estate Management Trust for the purpose of managing real estate.
  • Real Estate Development Trust where the landowners (trustors) entrust land to trust company (trustee) for raising necessary funds to construct or develop it; and return the benefits as trust dividend to the landowners (Trustors and/or Beneficiaries).
  • Real Estate Disposal Trust to transfer title or any other beneficial interest in personal or real property to Trustors and/or Beneficiaries.

Real Estate Disposal Trust is a product in which a real estate owner entrusts real estate that is difficult to sell off such as a large real estate, high-priced real estate, or complicated real estate to a trust company. The trust company finds a suitable customer and stably sells off the real estate and gives the payment to the beneficiary. In that case, a trust company is trusted the property with the rights and position as the owner which would be more credible for buyers.

HAOTRUST offer creative solutions to various real estate related problems and technical issues as well as real estate disposition in fast and convenience. We put the optimum effort to deliver the maximize proceeds to our clients.


  • Pursing solutions to dispose of real estate due to:
    • Avoid immigration, long travel or stay abroad
    • Difficult to transfer or sign real estate contract and settle the proceeds or balance.
    • Unable to fulfill conditions and escrow in completing special conditions between the two parties of land or building sales.
    • Unable to ensure security and prevention of public exposure for individual or corporate owners of real estate.
    • Incompetent to maintain clients’ confidentiality.
Our services


  • Approaching potentials buyers
  • Processing disposal payment & documentations
  • Transferring ownerships
Structure of Real Estate Disposal Trust