Real Estate Trust means an owner of a real estate puts a faith and entrusts the properties to trust company for his/her sustainable investment.

HAOTRUST is specialized in real estate development, real property management and investment. We develop and manages the entrusted property efficiently and distributes all the profits to the property owners.  Most of our employees are the experts with many years of working experiences in each field of the real estate business. Come and visit us. You can meet the experts with hands-on experience in each field of feasibility study, marketing, development, sales, and management.

HAOTRUST provide solutions to any real estate related issues including:

  • Real Estate Management Trust for the purpose of managing real estate.
  • Real Estate Development Trust where the landowners (trustors) entrust land to trust company (trustee) for raising necessary funds to construct or develop it; and return the benefits as trust dividend to the landowners (Trustors and/or Beneficiaries).
  • Real Estate Disposal Trust to transfer title or any other beneficial interest in personal or real property to Trustors and/or Beneficiaries.

HAOTRUST provides entire solutions to real estate development projects including Land Development. If investors own a piece of land but do not have the expertise to develop it nor sufficient funds needed to construct buildings on it, please entrust this land with HAOTRUST. We source construction capital and know-how to construct buildings or develop the land for housing. We then sell or lease the real estate trust developed and returns the generated profits to investors.


  • Edge in professional know-how.
  • Optimal use of land.
  • Easy funding.
  • Guarantees stable business.
  • Maximized business profits,
  • Reliable decision-making.
Our services

  • Sale-type Land Trust: HAOTRUST constructs buildings on the entrusted land or develops it for housing, sells the real estate, and returns the generated profits to the landowner.
  • Lease-type Land Trust: HAOTRUST constructs buildings on the entrusted land or develops it for housing, leases the real estate for a specified period, and returns the resulting profits to the landowner. When the trust period expires, we either sell off the estate to pay the landowner in cash or return the estate to the landowner as is.
Proposed Projects

  • House, Condominium, Apartment.
  • Commercial building, Office building.
  • Shopping center, Department store, Tourist hotel, Hospital, Sports complex.
  • Factory building.
  • Development of land for building houses or factories; Redevelopment of downtown areas.
  • Town for the elderly, etc.
Structure of Land Development Trust