TRUST is a legal relationship in which the party who entrusts the right and/or Assets, known as Trustors/Fund Contributors, to another party either in person or entities, known as Trustee(s), who have a fiduciary duty to manage (i.e., administrative and/or disposal) the right (or the trust) to the benefit of the equitable owners of the trust, known as the Beneficiary(ies).  Formal trust deed to outlines how the trust operates and the beneficiary(ies) entitlement will be established and acted in accordance with the relevant state or territory law regulating trusts, and with any other applicable law, including tax law.

Trust has provided a broad range of activities and/or services including financial and estate planning, investment management and consulting, trust services, private banking, and others. 

HAOTRUST CAPITAL INVESTMENTS CO., LTD is committed to achieving success for our customers, both Individual & Corporate, with a ceaselessly challenging spirit.


Licensed under Trust Regulator in Cambodia, HAOTRUST provide a broad range of trust services to our Individual Clients to ensure they exactly attain where they need to be. Our expertise trustees understand the diversify needs and able to support to all individual clients in any way they desired in trust services. We are ready to be your exceptional investment solution provider.


HAOTRUST has continued to innovate the attractive and unique investment solutions that go beyond enabling business by serving the end-to-end needs for our different customer segments who are growing more, sophisticating, and looking for the acceleration of their affluence. These include our valuable Corporate Clients who always trust with us. Our specialist trustees and management teams will drive with you for a sustainable growth with ideally conditions as your investment aspiration.

Type Of Trust Service

Real Estate Trust means an owner of a real estate puts a faith and entrusts the properties to trust company for his/her sustainable investment. .............

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Investment Trust means to channel financing resources to invest various projects and activities that meet certain eligibility criteria. .............

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