As a leading trustee company, HAOTRUST have access to a considerable range of resources, and enable team to provide comprehensive solutions with a variety of quality services and offer a high level of dedication to our clients. These services includes:

At HAOTRUST, we are authorised by our Trust Regulator (TR), to act as trustee to register managed investment schemes. We comprise an experienced team providing trustee services to a range of investors and we has a deep understanding of trust administration across a variety of trust  structures and trust assets developed for many years.

As the trustee, we would be responsible for the compliance and governance of the trust. We will ensure that the trust operates within the confines of its trust deed, disclosure documents and the law.

We provide independent trustee services, And can undertake the following activities:

  • Producing offer documents
  • Overseeing investment decisions
  • Adhering to legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Custody services
  • Management of external service providers
  • Scheme administration
  • Registry services