Investment Trust means to channel financing resources to invest various projects and activities that meet certain eligibility criteria. HAOTRUST offers a broad range of solutions to meet customers' investment needs.We manage the Trust under investment strategies set out in the Trust Deed to invest in various asset classes such as Real Estate, Infrastructure, Securities – Stock/Bond either in local or international market, and Private Equity.

Property Investment Trust is a managed investment scheme that invests primarily in real estate properties and land that allows investors to access what can otherwise be a niche investment with a significant returns of steady rental income and capital appreciation typically realised at the end of Investment term.

These include investment in:

  • Agricultural Property/Land that used for a primary production business.
  • Commercial Property that houses business activities such as office buildings, shopping centers, hotels & medical centers.
  • Industrial Property including factories, warehouses, logistics assets, and workshops.
  • Residential Property assets such as houses, apartments, units, and townhouses.

  • Steady Income
  • Highly Potential Capital Gain
  • Form part of a balanced property portfolio
  • Diversify portfolio and decrease liquidity risk
Our services

  • Producing offer documents such as contracts or agreements.
  • Overseeing investment decisions.
  • Adhering to legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Custody services.
  • Management of external service providers.
  • Scheme administration.
  • Registry services.